Winter warmers

With temperatures dropping many of us will be spending the weekend at home, here are some simple ideas to keep warm without needing to turn up the heating:

Layers of clothing will help keep out any chills and if you are spending the day at home who cares if nothing matches! Why not have a competition to see who has the best combination, kids love any excuse to “dress up”.

A bit of physical activity never hurts, be that cleaning or dancing around the living room! Turn on some music, get up and get moving!

Hot drinks and soups will help make you feel warmer. A hearty vegetable soup or hot drink of lemon and honey wil help boost your spirits and vitamins! After any cooking leave the oven open to help warm up the house.

Use curtains to shut out any drafts from windows and try to block out any drafts coming from the front door. Keep doors closed of any unused rooms.

Bad weather also gives us the excuse to spend the day reading or watching tv, adding a cosy blanket to the sofa will soon have you forgetting the cold outside!