Top Home Safety Tips

In eAngel App you will find a huge range of tips on a variety of home safety topics.

Our Top 10 are:

1.  Check your smoke alarms weekly. Only takes 2 minutes!

2.  Be prepared to get out of a fire. Make a fireplan today and teach all the family.

3.  Don’t overload power strips. 4 sockets = 4 plugs, no more!

4.  Two things every home should have: fire extinguisher + fire blanket.

5.  Remember to put out candles and cigarettes properly.

6.  Lock your door! Remember a closed door is not a locked one!

7.  Always check your windows before you go out.

8.  Make sure your outdoor possessions are safe. Bikes and tools are easy targets.

9.  Make a list of your possessions. Sometimes things go wrong, be prepared

10. Learn how + where to turn off the gas, electricity + water at home


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